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Pink Grading: A Reliable Partner in Grading and Excavation

Pink Grading is a grading and excavation company that has been providing reliable services since 1970. We've been known to specialize in state highway and rock quarry projects, and also offer dirt hauling and demolition services.

Over the years our reputation has opened doors to a diverse array of exciting projects and opportunities. From assisting with the development of a Google datacenter to providing 20 years of excavation to a local limestone quarry. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality results.


Building lasting partnerships is at the heart of our business. We've earned the trust of our long-term clients through a commitment to excellence and unwavering results.


With a rich history spanning over 5 decades, our company brings a wealth of experience to the table. Our extensive and diverse project portfolio showcases our proficiency in handling a wide range of endeavors.

Long Time Locals

With a strong long time local presence, we offer our clients a distinct advantage. Our deep roots within the community provide us with an unparalleled understanding of the local environment, regulations, and expectations, as well as 3rd-party resources, allowing us to navigate through projects seamlessly.

The History of Pink Grading

3 Generations of Family

Pink Grading, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that operates in the greater Omaha and Council Bluffs metropolitan areas. Gary L. Pink founded the company in 1970 as a one man operation that worked almost exclusively on smaller, residential projects. In the 50+ years since, he has passed the company down to his sons John and Dan, as well as several grandsons. The company grew from one employee to 70 full-time employees, and the projects moved from small, residential ones, to large state, government and commercial projects.

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