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Our job sites are located all over the metro area, each one being unique but always impressive

Highway 75 - Plattsmouth, NE

Highway 75 is a three year - seven mile long development of one of Nebraska's major travel routes. Our team handles the grading, excavation, demolition, and material hauling for this project. We have company owned dump sites located just minutes outside the job location, which makes the material hauling process seamless and efficient. This is a great example for how our local experience provides many advantages for our clients projects.

Limestone Quarry - Crescent, IA

One of our largest and longest ongoing projects is a located just outside Omaha. This impressive limestone mine has provided stone material for the state and local businesses since 1980. Pink Grading has overlooked and managed the excavation and dirt hauling for this site since 2002.

Commerce Park III - Gretna, NE

Our team is responsible for the grading services that prepare and shape the foundation of one of the regions most impressive real estate leaders. This job site is located in a business district that is also home to Google and Facebook data centers. Pink Grading has had the privilege of contributing to the development of each of these locations.

Offutt Air Force Base - Bellevue, NE

Our team recently contributed to the restoration of Offutt Airfields flood damaged properties. Tasked with grading the property elevation, we successfully imported 900,000 cubic yards of earth material to raise critical areas above flood levels. This project not only showcases our commitment to local resilience but also highlights our expertise in handling projects of importance within our community.

168th & Center - Q St

Pink Grading is currently leading a 2 mile expansion project throughout one of Omaha's fastest growing districts. As the city itself continues to grow larger and larger, our assistance with major road improvements and lane additions will play a big part in Omaha's traffic conflicts.

Collins Stadium - Omaha, NE

Collins Stadium now serves as a sports stadium for Omaha South High. Our team's involvement played a pivotal role in the grading and material removal tasks that allowed this impressive renovation to flow with ease. Beyond being a high school sports hub, the property also serves as a recreational haven for runners, bikers, and outdoor fitness enthusiasts. Our contributions to this project reflect our commitment to shaping the future of our community.

Gene Leahy Mall - Omaha, NE

One of Omaha's most recent and successful transformations - Gene Leahy Mall is now a renewed landing for live music, tourism, a brand new state-of-the-art playground, and even a modern dog park. More than 40,000 square feet of lawn-space was created for this project, making it a local hotspot for outdoor experiences right in the heart of the city.

Roanoke Business Park - Omaha, NE

A development within one of Omaha's largest recreational and community landings. This project contributed to improving a district that grows larger day after day. Another great example of our role in local contribution and growth

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Pink Grading a historically known company in the Omaha metro area. We've overlooked and assisted in many well known projects by big and small name companies of all backgrounds and industries. We're privileged to be trusted by our state and community for more than 5 decades. If you think we'd be a great fit for your next commercial project, please reach out to us to get started! We look forward to working with you!

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